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Read what Dr Wafaa's clients had to say...


       " I wanted to say a HUGE than you again for your patience, time and care you showed us... you were consistently, clear, supportive, thorough and had an excellent bed side manner. I learnt a lot from your 'whole patient' approach...your insight into psychosexual problems was also very informative"

Mr and Mrs N

       "My wife and I wanted to express our gratitude to you for the help you have given to us over the past few years. When we first saw you, we had lost a lot of hope and were very sad about the problems we had in our relationship. From our first appointment, you returned hope to us and made us believe that things would get better. You persevered with us and never lost patience. That we are now happily pregnant and expecting our first child...is a testimony to your help and support. I make no exaggeration when I say that we simply could not have done it without you"

NHS patient

       "I thought the doctor I saw today was fantastic. She was very patient, listened to my concerns then dealt with them in a manner that made me feel very cared for. I really didn't expect such a good service. I felt she went the extra mile...it was over and above my expectations!"


       "In my life I have suffered many injuries, illnesses and pains but never anything as devestating (sic) as my reason for attending the psychosexual health clinic. I can safely say that no treatment has had such an overwhelming and marvellous (sic) effect on my life. I wouldn't be able to say this if it wasn't for the skill and understanding given to me by Dr Wafaa" 

Anonymous Couple

       "I would like to thank Dr Wafaa for her guidance, support and assistance through a very arduous few years. Her sessions made us feel at ease and made use visualise a light at the end of our very long and never-ending tunnel . We felt very comfortable sharing our problems and felt that she was very professional. We never felt rushed through our sessions - just supportive and always happy to help. It is such a privilege to meet such a lovely lady...if it wasn't for her support we wouldn't now be the devoted parents to a beautiful duaghter that we adore very much"